The economic progress in trade and commerce bring along many disputes. Especially in cross border transactional disputes, litigation in a foreign jurisdiction is not always the desirable choice for claimants. Alternative dispute resolution methods have proved to be faster, cost effective, and a candid way of settling disputes. We are strong supporters of alternative dispute resolution methods and we have extensive experience in resolving complex disputes by extra-judicial ways. We advise Clients on every step of the way starting with the drafting of arbitration clauses, commencement and conduct of proceedings, arbitral awards and the execution of enforcing arbitral awards. Our team of lawyers is highly qualified and experienced in handling perplexing cases with proficiency in presenting a case before arbitral tribunals. Our firm has expertise in both institutional arbitration and ad-hoc arbitration. Akyıldız Law Firm is highly experienced in representing; public and private companies, domestic and foreign investors, government agencies and local and foreign governments that engage in commercial activity or investment.

Regardless of the nature or the stage of the dispute, we advise and encourage our Clients to pursue mediation (and other alternative-dispute resolution methods), when it is beneficial and superlative to their interests in pursuing the best outcome for the dispute.

In today’s economy and globalization of commerce, despite the best intentions of parties, disputes are unavoidable. Corporations are exposed to unforeseeable risks, and by default majority of disputes are concluded in a court overseen litigation process.

This is where we step in.

Since the Firm’s inception, our lawyers have pledged thousands of hours in litigation related matters. Our lawyers have represented Clients in multiplicity industries on litigations, against them or on their behalf, involving any type of dispute. The majority of our Clients are public and private companies from diverse industries including Telecommunications, Finance, Construction, Industrial, Retail, FMCG, Media, Entertainment, Leisure and Hospitality and Pharmaceuticals. We are capable of understanding different businesses and trades with an insider’s view. Our team of lawyers is able to establish a strategy according to our in-depth knowledge and experience about the industry, potential risks, and precedents.

In order to develop the most appropriate litigation strategy, we provide an early assessment of the dispute and perform a risk analysis. We always try to think out of the box and we strive to establish the most convenient and the most time and cost effective solution possible by providing judicious counseling. Due to the unpredictable natures of litigation, we always clearly lay out potential risks and rewards for our Clients.

Commercial litigation is our core practice. We advise and litigate on all types of commercial disputes ranging from simple transactions to multi party, complex matters. We represent Clients in connection with their business-to-business disputes, as well as in connection with general business operations. Our commercial litigation practice extends to disputes including:

  • Breach of contract disputes                     
  • Debt recovery & defaulted loans,
  • Boardroom, partnership and shareholder disputes,
  • Real Estate disputes                      
  • Construction disputes,
  • Loan agreements and other various financial transactions,
  • Joint venture disputes,                  
  • Franchising agreements,
  • Business torts and unfair competition claims
  • Fiduciary & Director liability claims

Our banking and finance practice have a strong relationship with major banks, lenders and financial institutions.

We advise private equity investors, angel investors and corporate borrowers on financing, refinancing, restructuring transactions.

In loan and financing structures, we assist clients at all steps of the way. This includes establishing a structure, assisting in the preparation of memorandum and term sheet, performing due diligence, and negotiating, documenting and closing the transaction.

Areas of our Banking/Financial Services practice include

  • Advisory in Private equity financing
  • Advisory in Venture Capitals
  • Angel Investment counseling and exit strategy planning for angel investors.
  • Assistance in all types of loan agreements including asset based lending facilities, loans against Certificate of Deposits & Hard money loans & negotiations

(In general, we represent borrowers of all sizes. We liaise with private equity funds, finance houses and brokers in loan arrangements for our clients)

  • Bank Guarantees
  • Commercial and energy loans

We assist lenders and borrowers of all sizes and from various industries

  • Mortgage Banking and disposition of troubles properties
  • Project Finance

(Our project finance practice focuses on construction and energy infrastructure projects. We oversee projects in all aspects so that our clients, either lenders or borrowers, work in harmony. We ensure that the contractual phase of the project financing comply with Turkish laws and regulations. We have worked with large multinational foreign law firms on a number of projects. We have advised Clients for projects financing in building and operating hydro energy terminals, natural gas storage facilities, coal exploration and drilling and copper extraction projects.)

  • Refinancing and restructurings
  • Structured Finance
  • Syndicated Finance

(Sub Corporate) 1 – Mergers and Acquisitions

Turkey’s economic growth is booming in an unprecedented way. Merger and acquisition activity has increased dramatically over the past years. We advise local and foreign Clients at every step of the way in regards to inbound mergers and acquisitions including buyer-side or seller-side strategy identification, legal due diligence, negotiation, and integration and closing

Regardless of the size of the deal, we draft letters of intent, memorandums of understanding, checklists, all transaction documentation such as share purchase agreements. We review and advise on counter party documentations. We form and establish special purpose vehicles and we handle chamber of commerce registrations.

We provide further counseling to protect shareholder interests for the long-term and for reorganization of the company, post-closing adjustments and integration period.

2-Spin Offs

There may be times when a company is too matured to be part of a of a larger business and needs to be an independent entity or on occasion when a company is not performing very well under a parent company, assistance is also provided for companies becoming independent in which case we deliver our Clients with improved tax efficiency. In these circumstances, this is when a spin-off is considered as a viable option.

As in M&A’s, we have significant experience and we have structured complex spin off solutions for small, mid-size and large corporations.

Sub Corporate 3 – Corporate Governance & Compliance

In today’s complex and challenging business environment, regulatory compliance is a key factor for maintaining success and accountability. Regulators are imposing more economic and punitive sanctions on companies that fail to comply with regulations than ever. Boards and their committees and executives of public reporting companies often need independent advice as to their legal rights and obligations as directors or executives.

We serve Clients operating in regulated markets including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, energy and tobacco.

We provide

  • Compliance management for public companies that are listed in BIST, preparation and modification of governance documents
  • Regulatory due diligence,
  • Regulatory investigation assistance
  • Risk Mitigation solutions for Board members
  • Regulatory filings,
  • Environmental effects evaluation
  • Advertising Compliance

Energy industry is constantly growing in demand and there is steady increase in energy consumption. The Turkish energy market offers a wide range of activities, from crude oil exploration to oil and petrochemical products distribution and exports, and from electricity generation based on all known energy sources to machinery and equipment manufacturing.

Although Turkey relies heavily on coal and imported fossil fuels to support its energy needs, efforts for fully liberalizing energy sector in terms of production, import and storage are underway. Major power distribution facilities are already privatized and power generation assets privatization is set to be completed within the next few years.

We represent corporations operating in power distribution, retail, purchase and re-sale of natural gas, renewable energy production (hydro in particular), fossil fuel (coal in particular) producers and mining industry.

We act as general outside counsel and provide counseling on

  • General legal counseling
  • Regulatory filings
  • EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Board) compliance
  • Permit and license acquisitions
  • Updates on amended laws and regulations
  • Government Incentives
  • public tenders
  • Project financing
  • Merger and acquisitions

There is a valid ground for major economic forecasters and finance powerhouses acknowledging Turkey as an “investment hotspot”

Being positioned between Europe and Asia and the potential to act as a gateway to the Middle East, high-skilled and competitive labor, macroeconomic stability,  openness of trade and investment policies, rationalized, liberal and reformist investment climate, large and dynamic  domestic market and the quality of education offers a compelling background to investing in Turkey.

We provide full spectrum of legal services for foreign investors in every sector and industry. Beginning with kick-off meetings and establishing the best-suited legal foundation for the investment, we provide legal advice in regards to

  • Green field and brown field investments, planning and structuring
  • Articles of association drafting,
  • Company and liaison office incorporation, company housing and dissolution of company, handling of company secretarial work
  • Acquisition of employment permits
  • Advisory on government incentives
  • General legal counseling including corporate ad litigation services
  • Project advisory
  • Tax advisory,
  • Exit strategy planning

Real estate and construction sectors are very active and are among the two driver forces of Turkish economy. In the past twenty years, Turkey has attracted direct foreign investment, an important segment of which derived from real estate and construction sectors.

In addition, despite the effects of global uncertainty in the past years, the local demand is constantly increasing in the property market. Vast developments in retail, infrastructure and high-value projects are in the pipeline.

We represent and advise some of the most prominent members of real estate and construction industry. Our clients are Real Estate Investment Trusts (GYO’s), developers, contractors, architects, engineers, investors, buyers and sellers of real estate that operate in industrial, retail, hotel, and residential projects throughout Turkey.

We advise on;

  • Real estate investments and development ,
  • Joint venture and consortium formations,
  • Sub-contracting and out-sourcing
  • Mortgage transactions
  • Leasing and tenancy
  • Tax incentives,
  • CMB (Capital Markets Board) relations
  • Zoning and planning services,
  • Handling of all contractual aspects
  • General legal counseling on regulatory and administrative issues,
  • Environmental impact assessments

Türkiye’de yatırım yapmayı hedefleyen yabancı sermaye yatırımcılarına, hemen hemen tüm sektörlerde yatırımın başından sonuna kadar olan süreçte gerek yerel mevzuat konusunda gerek piyasa etkenleri konusunda stratejik ve hukuki danışmanlık vermekteyiz.

Hizmetlerimiz arasında yatırıma en uygun enstrümanların belirlenmesi, yerel tesciller ve bildirimlerin takibi ve denetlenmesi konuları dahil olmak üzere

  • Green field ve brown field yatırımlarında planlama ve yapılandırma,
  • Sözleşme tanzimi ve sözleşme müzakeresi,
  • Şirket ve irtibat bürosu kuruluşu, şirketler için sekretarya hizmetleri,
  • Çalışma izni başvuruları
  • Devlet teşvikleri müşavirliği
  • Kurumsal ve dava avukatlığı
  • Vergi müşavirliği
  • Özelleştirme strateji
  • Çıkış stratejileri müşavirliği konularında hizmet vermekteyiz.
  • Şirketlerin kamu ve özel kuruluşlar ile olan hukuki ilişkilerinin ve ihtilaflarının yürütülmesi,
  • Şirket işlemlerinin hukuka ve kanunlara uygunluk denetimi,
  • Genel kurullar,
  • Şirketlerce yapılması zorunlu olan gerekli ihbar ve bildirimlerin takibi ve yapılması gibi
  • Özellikle Borsa İstanbul halka açık şirketlerin tabi olduğu kuralların uygulanmasında, risk analizi ve denetimlerde, idari due diligence konularında, idari inceleme ve soruşturmalarda danışmanlık, yönetim kurullarının sorumlulukları, kamu kurumları nezdinde gerekli bildirimlerin yapılması, gerekli izinlerin alınması konularında hizmet sunmaktayız.

Müvekkillerimizin ihtiyaç duyduğu hukuki hemen her konuda gerek kendi deneyimlerimiz sonucu gerekse iş dünyasındaki gelişmelerin yakın takibi ile farklı modelleri ve piyasaları, eğilimleri iyi kavrayarak sürekli hukuki danışmanlık vermekteyiz.

Türk Hukuku kapsamına giren her konuda hukuki danışmanlık riskleri minimize etme, şirket yönetimi, sözleşme hazırlanması ve incelenmesi, şirket içi eğitimler bu kapsamdaki hizmetlerimizin bazılarını oluşturur.

Akyıldız Hukuk Bürosu olarak uyuşmazlıkların çözümünde alternatif çözüm yollarını etkin bir yöntem olarak benimsemekte ve uyuşmazlıkların alternatif yöntemler ile çözülmesini desteklemekteyiz.

Büromuzda kurumsal tahkim (institutional),  arızi tahkim (ad- hoc), uluslararası ticari tahkim ve arabuluculuk konularında hizmet verilmektedir.  

Tahkim şartlarının düzenlenmesinden başlayarak uyuşmazlık halinde tahkim prosedürlerinin başlatılması, tahkim yeri ve tahkim hukukunun belirlenmesi, ulusal ve uluslar arası tahkim müesseseleri nezdinde başvuru yapılması da dahil olmak üzere Türk hukuk sistemi uyarınca tahkim yolu ile çözülmesi mümkün olan her türlü uyuşmazlıkta deneyim sahibiyiz.

Gayrimenkul ve İnşaat sektöründe faaliyet gösteren yerli ve yabancı firmalara, bankalara, yatırımcılara

  • Yatırım danışmanlığı, joint venture ve konsorsiyum kuruluşları, Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklıklarına ilişkin işlemler ve sözleşmeler,  Sermaye Piyasası Kurumu nezdinde işlemler
  • İpotek tesis işlemleri,
  • Kiracılık, ecrimisil, kamulaştırma ve taşınmaz hukukuna ilişkin her türlü dava ve bunlara bağlı danışmanlık
  • Gayrimenkul yatırımlarında vergi teşvikleri,
  • Kat Karılığı İnşaat, Gayrimenkul Satış Vaadi, Müteahhitlik, taşeronluk sözleşmeleri de dahil   gayrimenkul ve inşaat konularıyla ilgili her türlü                                 sözleşmelerin hazırlanması ve müzakeresi,
  • Gayrimenkul Mevzuatı ve piyasası hakkında genel hukuki danışmanlık,

Günümüzde şirket büyüme stratejilerinin başına gelen birleşme ve devralma işlemleri giderek artmaktadır. Yerli ve yabancı şirketler arasındaki birleşme, devralma ve bölünme işlemlerinde:

  • İşlem öncesi hukuki ve stratejik danışmanlık, kurumsal hazırlıklar,
  • Hukuki due diligence
  • Müzakereler,
  • Ön mutabakat metinlerinin hazırlanması,
  • Asli işlem dokümanlarının hazırlanması ve müzakeresi
  • Hisse satış sözleşmesi, varlık satış sözleşmesi, hissedarlar sözleşmesi Hisse devir sözleşmelerinin hazırlanması, incelenmesi,
  • Kapanış sonrası şirketler arası bütünleşme ve yeniden yapılandırma danışmanlığı,
  • Rekabet Kurulu ve diğer kamusal ve özel kurumlar nezdinde beyan, başvuru, izin, tescil işlemlerinin yürütülmesi konularında deneyim sahibiyiz.

Günümüzde bankalar ve finans kuruluşları iş hayatının en önemli unsurları arasında olup bankacılık hizmetleri, kredi işlemleri ve diğer finansal enstrümanların kullanımı tarihin gördüğü en yüksek seviyededir. Banka ve finans hukukunda bu alandaki hemen hemen tüm işlemlerde servis vermekteyiz. Özellikle

  • Uzun vadeli borçlanmalar, kredi sözleşmelerinin hazırlanması
  • Kredi ve finans kuruluşlarıyla ilişkiler ve müzakereler,
  • Proje finansmanı,
  • Melek yatırımcılık mevzuatı
  • Tahvil (bono) ihracı,
  • Finansal yeniden yapılandırmalar hizmet verdiğimiz başlıca konulardır.

Enerji ve maden işletmeciliği piyasalarında faaliyet gösteren yerli ve yabancı şirketlere hukuki konularda dışarıdan genel hukuki müşavirlik yapmaktayız.

  • İmtiyaz hakları ve rödavans sözleşmeleri,
  • Enerji depolama ve üretim mevzuatı danışmanlığı,
  • EPDK uygunluk denetimi
  • İzin ve lisans temini konusunda müşavirlik,
  • Kanun ve regülâsyonlar hakkında bilgilendirme
  • Özelleştirme ve ihale müşavirliği
  • Devlet teşvikleri müşavirliği
  • Proje finansmanı

Yoğun olarak tecrübe sahibi olduğumuz ve hizmet verdiğimiz konular arasındadır.

Dava avukatlığı büromuzun ana faaliyet konusunu oluşturmaktadır. Müvekkillerimizi cezai, adli, idari, mali ihtilaflardan dolayı Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Mahkemelerinin her kısım ve derecesindeki davalarda temsili için hizmet vermekteyiz.

Her türlü hukuki anlaşmazlıkta deneyim sahibi olmakla birlikte özellikle, şirketler arası ticari anlaşmazlıklardan kaynaklanan tüm davalar, şirket ortakları arasındaki davalar, gayrimenkul hukukundan kaynaklanan her türlü ihtilaf, işçi-işveren arasındaki davalar, aile hukukundan kaynaklanan davalar, fikri mülkiyet haklarından kaynaklanan uyuşmazlıklar, tanıma ve tenfiz davaları, vergi ve idare Mahkemeleri nezdinde görülen davalarda hizmet vermekteyiz. Dava avukatlığının yanı sıra tahsili gecikmiş alacakların takibi ve tahsili konularında banka ve finans kuruluşlarına hizmet vermekteyiz